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Kenneth Ball, Ph.DKenneth Ball, Ph.D

Patricia is privileged to have as part of her team Dr. Kenneth L. Ball of Ken Ball Management Resources. Ken brings to his consulting practice both "hands-on" experiences and the profession of an organizational psychologist. He was president of an international manufacturing company in private and public corporations for 15 years. Ken received his Ph.D. in organizational psychology from Washington University. His memberships include The Society of Psychologists in Management (past president), The Academy of Management, the American Psychological Association and the National Speakers Association.


The associated services detailed are management consulting, facilitating, seminars and management coaching by Dr. Ball. Also, presentation skills coaching by Patricia Ball, CSP, CPAE and joint seminars by Patricia & Ken Ball are available.


Management Consulting by Ken Ball, Ph.D.

  • Assess organization & management
  • Relate plans and goals to management implementation capabilities
  • Build interpersonal relationships for goal attainment
  • Define responsibilities & accountability
  • Develop measures of progress
  • Tie into reviews and incentives

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Facilitating by Ken Ball, Ph.D.

  • Model and facilitate strategic and/or business planning
  • Develop action strategies for productive environment


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Management Coaching by Ken Ball, Ph.D.

  • Coach (individuals & teams)
  • Train & train trainers

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Seminars by Ken Ball, Ph.D.

(On change management, growth strategies, leadership, planning, interpersonal relationships and motivation)

Suggested programs:

  • Change, Pain and Gain
  • Change, Pain & Strategies for Growth
  • Managing Company Growth: Fads, Facts and Fantasies
  • Leadership/Management: Which on When?
  • A Leader of One - Take Charge Strategies
  • Climbing a Mountain - A Metaphor for Planning
  • You, Me & We - The People Make the Organization
  • The Next Generation - Expectations & Reality in the Family Business

"The outcome of our group's efforts was enhanced by your skills in group leadership and strategic thinking. . . Excellent job of facilitation . . . You had the skill to provide both rope and hook."
Mark W. Kramer, EVP, Ellis & Everard (U.S. Holdings Inc.)

"Thank you for providing (us) with an educational, practical and lively skills-sharing session . . . We were impressed with your ability to quickly understand the situation and provide us with easy-to-apply options."
Deni Kogan, Director of Management Consulting, General American

"I feel that as a result of your efforts, we have a unified management team . . . Your work with them in developing a meaningful plan is already showing profitable results."
Bud Smith, CEO, C.L. Smith Container Co.

Presentation Skills Coaching by Patricia Ball, CSP, CPAE

Patricia has worked with managers, sales executives, doctors, professional speakers and others who want to improve their presentation skills. Options include individual one-hour coaching sessions up to half-day sessions. Group sessions of three or four people are also available.

Client comments:

"The results are in! Our recent product launch meetings for 'Avenues' were a huge success. The excitement we have created is closely tied to the individual presentations made by our sales staff. The work you did for us has paid off. The improvements in our presentation skills will continue to help us with additional presentations in the future."
Rene C. Lorio, Sr. VP, Walnut Street Securities

"Your recent direction and coaching session with me helped to move my abilities as a keynote presenter to a new level of effectiveness."
Mike Henning, President, HFBC

"Thank you for the excellent series of presentation skills coaching sessions I had with you recently. As you know, I've had no prior public speaking training, but you helped me to properly prepare for my presidential duties. As a result of my work with you, and my thorough preparation, I sailed through my speech with flying colors! I was not at all nervous and received a number of compliments on my speech delivery."
Kevin Weinacht, Weinacht & Associates

Joint Seminars by Patricia Ball, CSP, CPAE & Kenneth L. Ball, Ph.D.

Following is a sample outline from a full-day program recently presented to approximately 100 executives and professionals:

Climbing Your Personal Mountain - Strategies for the High Performer
Content Outline

Morning Presenter: Patricia Ball, CSP, CPAE
(There will be a 15-minute break midmorning)

I. Introduction of both presenters and overview of day
Straight-talk as power communication

II. Internal tools of power

  1. Self-esteem/confidence
  2. Professional image/dress
  3. Positive attitude
  4. Persistence

III. External tools of power

  1. Verbal/vocal skills
  2. Nonverbal skills
  3. High-impact presentations

IV. Climbing your personal mountain
Necessary Qualities

V. Breaking the woman/minority glass ceiling

VI. Lessons for success

- Lunch -

Afternoon Presenter: Kenneth L. Ball, Ph.D.
(There will be a 15-minute break mid-afternoon)

I. Leadership - of self and others

  1. Qualities for effective leadership
  2. Change, pain and gain
  3. Motivating ourselves and others

II. You, me and we

  1. Building relationships and growth
  2. Interpersonal relationships and the cornerstone of success

III. A plan ties it together

  1. Planning with a vision or incrementally
  2. Breaking the bonds of gravity - Overcoming personal resistence
  3. Renewal in life and business

IV. Summing up

  1. Leadership - A model for change and growth
  2. The competitive advantage
  3. Personal goals and commitments

Comments regarding this program:

"On behalf of the Soroptimist International of the Marianas, I wanted to write and express my heartfelt gratitude to you for arranging for Patricia & Ken Ball to speak. The conference was a huge success and those that attended were extremely satisfied. We conducted a conference evaluation and the only negative comment we heard was that the conference wasn't long enough! The Balls were a dynamic speaking team and provided an information-packed seminar. We all learned new skills in communicating, both in our personal lives and within the work environment."
Kate Hornbacher
Chairperson, Soroptimist International of the Marianas - Guam
Program Sponsor

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